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Cross the English Channel by car using the Shuttle

Automatic check in gates for the Eurotunnel Shuttle. The system will automatically identify the credit card used for the purchase of your ticket

Crossing the Channel Tunnel with your car with the Eurotunnel Shuttle, is convenient and easy. Leaving England, the terminal of the Channel Tunnel is located in the region of Folkestone on the M20. In France, it resurfaces at Coquelles, a few kilometres south of Calais.

About refuelling: If you need diesel, fill up on the french side because diesel is cheaper in France than in England.

To cross the English Channel by the Eurotunnel Shuttle, the car is shipped in large and long trains.
The Eurotunnel Shuttle, is a large train specifically designed to cross the Channel tunnel by half an hour...
Boarding and disembarking vehicles on the Shuttle is fast and easy, without manoeuvres.
Loading and leaving the Eurotunnel Shuttle is done by a ramp connected to the road network. 

Reservation for the crossings are to be done on the Internet on the website of Eurotunnel. Attention, fares vary greatly depending on the number of days spent on the other side of the Channel. The lowest fares are for a rapid return (1 to 2 days). If you arrive early to boarding, you can either take the shuttle earlier, as space allows, or spend some time in the terminal where you can find drinks, meals, souvenirs and other books and magazines.

Check-in at the arrival is performed via automatic kiosks in which you will insert the credit card that was used to make the booking and the purchase on the Internet. The terminal automatically delivers the ticket and boarding pass for the vehicle and its passengers.

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