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Tineghir in the desert of Morrocco

On the way to the Todra gorges: palm groves and plantations

Tineghir and its palm plantation are a pleasant place to stay. From Tineghir you will have the opportunity of excursions to Gorges of Todra, the mountains of the Atlas and the fascinating morroccan desert.

The most courageous travellers will be able to go for superb walks in the Gorges of Todra and the neighbouring mountains. The old kasbahs of the XIVth century are within the range of all: there are many (the kasbahs are spectacular but nowadays uninhabited for the majority and in ruins unfortunately) in the palm plantation. From the road leading to the Todra gorges you will have a beautiful panorama at sunset, when the sunlight turns into red and emphasizes their structure of adobe…

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