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In the dark and dingy underbelly of the capital the London Dungeon dwells, waiting to scare the life out of you and any willing visitors brave enough to cross the threshold. Confront your fears, face your worst nightmares and uncover the gory truth behind some of history's most horrific events!

Be the London Dungeon you are more than a mere spectator!

Boat Ride to Hell
Are you afraid of the dark? Are you petrified of drowning? Do you hate the feeling of falling backwards? Face your fears with the Traitor, Boat Ride to Hell at The London Dungeon!

Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom
You have been tried and sentenced, now you must accept your fate and let the hangman guide you to the end. A final rush of adrenaline as you plummet into the dark depths to embrace your doom!

Great Fire of London
The Great Fire of London rampaged through the city of London turning everything in its wake to cinders. Travel back to 1666 and experience the burning reality of the fire that left 200, 000 people destitute

Jack the Ripper
The 1880's were a dangerous time for women to walk alone in London. A prolific killer frequented the dark alleys and quiet streets, preying on London's prostitutes

Labyrinth of the Lost
One way in....but is there a way out? Experience the Labyrinth of the Lost at the London Dungeon

Sweeney Todd
In need of a hair cut? Like it or not you're going to have one....Sweeney Todd style and there's always a pie if you're feeling hungry!

The Great Plague
1665, London is riddled with disease, thousands are dying in agony. Disgusting, gruesome boils, cries of panic and pain and shouts of "bring out the dead" fill the air

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