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South East England


Ferry calling at Dover port

SOUTH EAST ENGLAND has very much to offer. Where ever you wish to go to, you will never be far away from the sea while enjoying the charming English rural countryside. Villages, manors, gardens and some of the most famous heritage sites are awaiting you.
The entire region shows a beautiful seashore with high cliffs, beaches and charming towns and villages.

Landscapes of exceptional charm, nature reserves, regional parks... To the East, the chalky hills of Downs in Wealden are protected. You will arrive at their summit along hiking trails: North Downs Way and South Downs Way. Meadows of wildflowers, forests sheltering deer and badgers, wild hyacinth mats covering the floor of a blue soft spring...
Dover, "Key of England"; keeps since always the mythical white cliffs of the coast. Lighthouse, Roman villas, Norman dungeon and fortress... the strategic role of the city has imposed through its architecture, and went through the ages.

The region is still most famous for its historical battles. The most famous is that of 1066. On October 14, exactly, the armies of King Harold and William Duke of Normandy, said the Conqueror, fought in Hastings and changed the course of history.

The main actors of tourism in South-East England have undertaken a very voluntary approach toward school groups. Bearing in mind the true purpose of these trips, they have developed in key sites, a wide range of educational tools.
Do not hesitate to contact the local tourist office. They will guide you on the charms of the region and will advise you on the facilities in place for school groups.

The Heart of Kent is full of many castles and ancestral homes. It is true that this picturesque landscape has always attracted the rich and famous ... The fortresses, hidden dens dug into the White Cliffs ... there is so much to explore in this region, the Mecca of English history. Visit Dover, where you can discover the headquarters of the Napoleonic wars and enjoy the city's history with the White Cliffs Experience. Why not ride a bicycle on well marked trails and peaceful rural routes? Or follow in the footsteps of pilgrims (Canterbury Tales)?

Spanning the Ashdown Forest, where the Kings of England were hunting once, the famous coastline (Seven Sisters Cliffs), the beautiful "Wealden" is very attractive and can satisfy all tastes. Make an active and entertaining excursion or visit one of the famous cities and its attractions. Brighton is a seaside town that can be visited easily on foot. As the surroundings, they offer many opportunities, whatever the theme of your trip. Do not miss the Royal Pavilion, which rises like a mirage East amid an English garden. The Brighton Sea-Life Centre is devoted to the defence of marine animals and their precious environment.

1066 COUNTRY - The Land of William the Conqueror
For the limits of East Sussex, the most famous battle of Great Britain was delivered in 1066 to where now stands the Abbey of Battle. This battle was to change the life of the country forever and gave the region the title "Cradle of England." At Hastings Castle, you can attend an audiovisual presentation on the history of the castle and the famous battle of 1066. At Hastings Embroidery, the role played by the city of Hastings in the history of England is beautifully illustrated by a large modern tapestry done a bit like that of Bayeux in the Middle Ages. In the city itself, the first Norman castle stands on top of West Hill, a hill overlooking the picturesque Old Town, just beside the wards of fishermen. At Smuglers Adventure, finally, you will explore a maze of tunnels and caves, a pretext to go back to the days of bloody smugglers near Hastings ...

The National Trust and English Heritage are responsible for the maintenance of hundreds of interesting and educational attractions in Southern England. Their free publications provide details about numerous castles, abbeys, churches, gardens and the programme of events held across the country.
To raise awareness of the region and its tourist sites, the Tourist board of South-East of England offers to facilitate the organization of trips and stays in the "Group Organisers Guide".