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Skoura and the valley of the 1000 kasbahs

The beautiful palm grove of Skoura. The Atlas mountains in the background.

One hour away from Ouarzazate (the asphalt road is excellent) the palm grove of Skoura is situated on the road of the 1000 Kasbahs. To get out of Ouarzazate you will find easily a bus or a big taxi. But if you wish to be really mobile in order to explore the numerous villages and the palm groves hidden at the end of roads and of the valley of Dadès, you may prefer to rent a car. You can find good Renault Logan car in Ouarzazate. Book ahead by internet before leaving, prices and rates are often more interesting and cheaper.  
To see: the valley of Dadès, Skoura and the immense palm grove dotted with hundreds of kasbahs. Many of them are regrettably in ruin. 

Some families still live in some of those big buildings with thick walls of cob (which retain the freshness so well during the days of scorching heat). The ceilings are based on reed beams palm tree trunk. Some of them have more than two centuries. But when we stop maintaining them, their degradation is unfortunately very fast. We need to hurry to come and see them. Because in many cases they disappear.

You can stay in one of the many riads or even luxury hotels hidden in the palm grove, some with a very beautiful traditional architecture of kasbah. Further, there are M'Goun and its rose gardens. Continuing towards Dadès, from Boulmane of Dades, a road climbs into the mountain and takes you above the Dades Gorge.

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