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Riquewihr in Alsace a stunning medieval village

Traditional medieval and Renaissance houses in Riquewihr

Riquewihr is the jewel in the crown of the Alsace region - famous for the Riesling and other great wines produced here - and looks today exactly as it did in the 16th Century. Riquewihr is a wonderful little medieval city hidden between mountain and vineyards. Although in a very preserved area, Riquewihr is only 7 miles from Colmar and minutes from other famous alsatian villages like Ribeauvillé, Hunawihr, Eguisheim or Kaysersberg.
Simply walk out and go for beautiful walks in the forest and mountain or through some of the most famous vineyards in the world, the choice is yours!

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Riquewihr, a medieval city on the Alsace wine route, still protected by its impressive city walls.

"If there’s a more delightful prospect anywhere in Europe than the Alsace wine route, I’d like to hear about it. I mean, consider: we have, first, the Vosges mountains — rounded, forested and with just enough drama to give matters an edge. Up top, castles look out from craggy summits, their sting now drawn. Down below, vineyards unfurl right to the gates of villages whose half-timbered streets tell tales stretching back to the middle ages. " -  James Preston, Sunday Times, JAN 7, 2007.

Explore the main street of Riquewihr

Riquewihr is certainly the object of an enchantment which lasts for centuries. Its layout and structure have not changed since the Middle Ages, and every piece of architecture is miraculously preserved. If today’s Riquewihr resembles the Middle Age town so much it is because people have not changed much either, for they have the same lifestyle and their existence revolves around the industry of winemaking. It is the aroma of this particular wine that you smell in every ‘Winstub” of the main street. Wine is everywhere and everything in Riquewihr and may be the cause of the enchantment. George Kassianos, wine expert in Cyprus.
While walking through the old cobblestone streets you will notice many old fountains in Riquewihr.

You cannot miss the colourful alsatian medieval houses in the main street of Riquewihr. There are plenty of discoveries to make within walking distance. "Within the town’s well-preserved walls, are tight alleys and uneven streets void of cars, with the exception of the few natives’ vehicles, town’s people who live in charming half-timbered homes, each one a different hue of the rainbow.  Yes colorful dwellings not just the typical off white plaster straw and dark beamed homes of European medieval villages one sees on TV.  Riquewihr‘s homes and stores range in light shades of baby blue, pale yellow, mauve, faded turquoise and light green". Michael J. Meese

On the upper part of the main street, do not miss the famous Dolder medieval tower (local history museum and beautiful panorama over Riquewihr and the central part of Alsace, until Germany and the Kayserstuhl).

But, unlike most of the tourists, do not only remain in the main street.

Have a walk through the little streets. On each side of the main street, there are a lot of beautiful hidden little streets which most of the tourists hardly explore. Only a few yards away from the main street are the two churches of Riquewihr. From time to time you will meet a pleasant terrace to sit and sip wine or beer... Among some of the nicest side streets are the pittoresque St Nicholas street as well as the 'Rue des Remparts'. Riquewihr is a picture perfect jewel with its multi-colored flowers and cobblestone streets. Five museums and great walking trails through the vineyards, forests and mountain are awaiting you! 

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