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Paris-Story is a show and exhibition which brings back to life the history of Paris and its monuments. It is an audiovisual stroll through the centuries to rediscover Paris in an entertaining and easy way.In 1993, Paris Story won the Grand Prix for Innovation in Cultural Tourism, which is awarded every year for an outstanding achievement, among the 150 projects submitted from all over France.

Thanks to Paris-Story, visitors will rediscover, almost relive, the highlights of Parisian history. They will see how the heritage of the capital was gradually formed, and how architecture, lifestyles, music, etc, developed over the centuries, from the Roman period to present days.

Paris-Story is an exclusive musical show in multivision shown on a panoramic screen. In 45 minutes it retraces the joys and dramas of 2000 years of the capital's history, from its foundation to the present. A thousand and one pictures of Paris succeed each other, exploring the rich architecture of its monuments, set against the kind of music which gave rhythm to Parisian life. An ultra-modern cinema theatre, specially designed for the show, with a digital sound system and headphones for simultaneous interpretation in eleven languages, enables visitors to enjoy in great comfort the spectacular effects of this panoramic audiovisual show, screened by 25 projectors : multivision, superposition of images, reminder of dates, special graphic effects.

A variety of illustrated topics
Paris-Story is not a documentary but an educational and highly entertaining show focusing on a variety of topics : the daily life of days gone by, the fashion and architectural styles of different periods, the socio-economic context ...
A moving programme
This ballet of images is accompanied by musical excerpts illustrating the various periods : from the organ music of Saint-Saens to Jacques Dutronc, and including, of course, Verdi, Lully and Edith Piaf. Thanks to its digital sound system and sophisticated equipment to amplify low keys, the organs of Notre Dame and the canons of the Revolution are reproduced to perfection. These musical excerpts, selected on the advice of the Baroque Music Centre of Versailles, help visitors to appreciate music, whether it is from classical repertories, church choirs or French variety shows.
Paris-Story has set up in the reception hall an exhibition, open to everyone, on the evolution of architectural styles in Paris, starting from the founding of the capital.

Educational visits
The exhibition accompanying the show meets the special requirements of a school outing and is ideal for initiating children to the art, and especially the architecture, of Paris. It allows teachers to concentrate in greater detail on the architectural development of Parisian monuments. It reinforces the educational aspect of the show, since the latter has a poetic character which appeals more to the senses than to the mind.

An educational kit in French and English is available for teachers. It describes the major historical events studied in class (the Great Invasions, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance) and provides a list of all the works screened during the audiovisual programme, as well as the music selected for the show. Also included in this kit is a multiple-choice questionnaire so that pupils can test the knowledge acquired during their visit.

Preparing for your visit
11 Bis Rue Sribe, F-75009 PARIS
Underground: Opéra
Tel. : +33 1 42 66 62 06
Fax : +33 1 42 66 62 16


Length of visit: show: 45mn
Recommended age group: all
Parking: Around the Opera
Useful addresses
Congress and Tourist Office
127 Av. des Champs Elysées
F-75008 PARIS
Tel. : +33 1 49 52 53 35
Fax : +33 1 49 52 53 00

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