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Oxford, Bath and Southern England


The Roman bath in Bath are considered as World Heritage

Oxford and Bath are two historical and famous cities of the region. The countryside of southern England is characterized by beautiful and traditional villages (especially in the Cotswolds), trails along rivers or in the woods and small country roads, rolling hills and miles of prairies. Ways to explore the region are numerous: by car of course, but also by bicycle, horse or even a barge.

The historical heritage of the South is exceptional. Why not consider a historic tour by visiting the great cathedrals, the famous city of Oxford and its universities, Bath and also the Cotswolds villages? Or find the trace of famous writers who found their inspiration where they lived. Among them are the poet John Milton, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.

Unspoilt medieval villages West of Oxford and North of Gloucester. Some became famous through the TV series of Midsomer Murders.

The south-west England, is remaining Celtic in many ways - thanks to its isolation from the rest of the country -, On the coast, let you lead by the charm wild hiking trail South West Coast Path. Do not hesitate to try the adventure, even for just a few kilometres. It takes you at the top of cliffs and then down to estuaries with their enchanting small fishing villages in pastel colors.

Here, you enter the land of King Arthur, the country where history is so old that no one longer knows very well where stops and starts the legend... Do not miss Cornwall - Kernow in Cornish... Between Land's End and the Scilly Isles extends, said the legend, the lost kingdom of Lyonesse.
History, certainly, but throughout Cornwall, dolmens and circulars alignments show a human presence even more ancient.

The East Midlands airport, even that of Manchester, offer an alternative to London Heathrow for travel to the area north of Oxford. As for Cornwall, you can reach them easily from Bristol or Southampton. What make these areas accessible even for a short stay weekend.