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Mont St Michel in Normandy France

Mont St Michel is in Normandy France

Le Mont St Michel is certainly one of the most important sites to visit in France. The story of the Mont St Michel is made of powerful symbols: the spectacular nature of its architecture overlooking an impressive bay and dangerous seas are the alchemy of a true fascination. The success that won the abbey of Mont Saint Michel with tourists from around the world is both a victory and a concern. Mount St. Michael is a very popular destination with the organizers of the group trips. In season, it is sometimes difficult to find your way through the alleys, which lead to the abbey and restaurants have a disturbing tendency to drift to "tourists factories". This is known as ransom for the glory ...

Those who want to fully enjoy this magical place will plan to visit the Mont Saint Michel off times of great affluence, in spring and autumn of preference, and why not squarely in the winter? There is then the calm necessary for meditation and contemplation of the Mont St Michel, an abbey out of the ordinary.

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