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Keys to success

A successful trip should not stop on that melancholy evening when the pupils return to their families. Quite the reverse. If the trip is to be complete, and above all profitable, the harvest of documents, pictures, knowledge and impressions must be exploited. And it is here that once again, the difference between a mere holiday and an educational project can be measured.

The first only generates nostalgia, the second acts as a trampoline towards other horizons.
It must be said, however, that there is a widespread tendency to neglect the follow-up to a trip. Enthusiasm wanes and other concerns take its place.

The school year comes to an end... All these considerations plead in favour of a school trip which takes place earlier in the year, and not systematically in June. After their return, certain teachers, who have exams to invigilate and papers to mark, only see their pupils, who are by now less motivated, from time to time.

The essential summing-up and evaluation phase proves non-existent.

Why not use certain methods borrowed from the business world ?
Prepare an "observation index" and note the attitudes and reactions of your pupils to the people and situations they come across during the trip. When you return, evaluate the knowledge gained, and give your pupils a chance to present it, notably to their parents and business partners.

One adventure after another

USE THE ENTHUSIASM you have generated to organise other events connected to the trip and which may be used to collect further funds immediately, even if you have reached your financial target. You can then create a kitty which may be used the following year, either by yourself or by other colleagues. Entrust your little nest-egg to the Socio-Educational Fund or to your association. By demonstrating a spirit of "fair-play", you ensure that everyone benefits from your actions.

MAKE YOUR TRAVEL DIARY as attractive as possible when you return. By doing this you will be able to use it to attract sponsors for future trips and demonstrate to the Head of the School that his/her confidence was justified. If you change schools, the diary will be an invaluable asset for setting up a similar trip. Don’t forget to mention all those who have helped you. Remember that satisfied sponsors will be more inclined to renew their support.

If you prepare a little party on your return to give an account of the trip, be generous with the invitations and try to remember all those who contributed to its success either directly or indirectly, not forgetting those whose help you would like to enlist on some future occasion.

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