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Le Radome, Museum of Telecommunications

With more than 100000 visitors welcomed each year, the Telecommunications museum of Pleumeur-Bodou is classed as one of the best sites of the Cotes d'Armor which cannot be overlooked. Opened in 1991, it is the only national telecommunications museum entirely realized and implemented by France Telecom.
A strange place where past, present and future are brought together with a bonus a fascinating show just at the foot the giant white radar dome.

A Place full of History

The Telecommunications museum first took place in the Radar dome, an immense white ball of 50 meters in height which shelters a gigantic cone shaped antenna which weighs 340 tons. It’s thanks to this antenna that for the first time ever on the night of July 11 1962, that televised images were broadcast direct from America via the Telstar satellite.

A fascinating Show
Classed as a historical monument, the antenna and the Radar dome now play the roles of the main actors in a superb show. A show which is entirely original since its first public showing in May 2000. A show at the cutting edge of technology which principally uses magical scenes in a majestical setting.
On board a mobile platform, you will start with a tour of the antenna, but not just any tour: a musical voyage of images of the dawning of the world right up until the present and the future....... Experience all the emotions !

From the Chappe Tower to the Internet
To add more to this magnificent show, the museum offers you a theme based tour on a circuit of almost 3000 metres of exhibitions and presentations. Its an original piece which attracts children as well as adults. Actually take part in the laying of underwater cables in the hold of the Agamemnon, one of the first cable laying boats. From the Leon Thévenin bridge dive into the depths of the sea to meet the under water robot, the SCARAB ....... In the white room awaits a universe of satellites and many other spatial communication instruments. Besides all that you can see life size models of the geostationary satellites, Intelsat 5 and Telecom 2. Assist in the launching of the rocket Ariane as if you were really there. Consult live images of the last five hours of the weather or telegrams from the entire world on the A.F.P. screen.

Interactive Animation
A new feature to the Museum, is the interactive activities which allow you to explore the world of multimedia with the visiophones, video games, CD ROMS and certainly the internet.
Even the younger children are not forgotten as there are several educational expositions for them presented in the style of building block games. Through demonstrations and modules the children learn and understand how planes fly, how the rockets are powered and also how to produce electricity from everyday things such as a bike.

Preparation and usage of educational visits
The setting up of the " Card Formula " visit allows you to target certain themes with certain pupils in connection with their level of understanding. In the catalogue there are four subjects of to choose from :

1. The Museum : The evolution of telecommunications from 1850 until today as well the first laying of underwater cables.
2. The new show under the Radar dome : Make a tour around the giant antenna, heroine of the first television by satellite in 1962.
3. The Computer Club : A multimedia library which is completely interactive
4. Telecom Classes : Experimental workshops (2 rooms equipped with 26 PC’s and a main workshop), internet, communications office and satellites.
Whatever the module that you have chosen, you are provided with a guide and preparation documents.

Organize Your Visit
Musée des Télécoms
Site de Cosmopolis
Contact : Gaëlle or Gabrielle
Tel : 02 96 46 63 81
Fax : 02 96 46 63 90

Internet :

Open all year round
Length of visit :
30 mn to 2 hours (depending on tour)
Parking : free

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