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La Vancelle a lovely and secluded Alsatian village

The lovely village of La Vancelle hides in a secluded montain area but only minutes away from the Alsace wine route and all major places of interest.

The lovely village of La Vancelle is the perfect place to stay for your headquarters in Alsace. The site of La Vancelle offers an incredible combination of all advantages the traveller might look for a comfortable and practical discovery of Alsace:
A privileged and quiet location, easily accessible, with a beautiful view of the famous Haut-Koenigsbourg castle
A strategic location right in the middle of Alsace (exactly on the limit between the 2 Alsatian counties (Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin) less than 10 minutes away from the famous Alsace wine route and the winegrowers villages, 20 minutes away from Colmar and 35 minutes from Strasbourg.

A recommended vacation rental to stay in La Vancelle: the House of the 4 Travelers offers 2 new holiday apartments in a garden with a view.

La Vancelle is a small Alsatian mountain village, nestled on the southern slope of a mountain arch that rises to about 855 meters.

Only a wise eye can see the village from the valley. Hidden in a beautiful forest, it is a haven of peace and nature. And yet it is easily accessible and ideally located, away from the crowds but just minutes from the wine route, the wine villages and the major tourist attractions as The Eagle sanctuary (volerie des Aigles), the Monkey Mountain (montagne des Singes) and the castle Haut Koenigsbourg.

La Vancelle is an exceptional site for those who wish to combine a restful holiday, relaxation with nature and discover the rich heritage of Alsace culture, history, wine and gastronomy.

La Vancelle is a paradise for hikers and lovers of the forest. Leave the place you are staying and choose the hiking trail where you want to spend the next hours! It's as simple as that. The mountains and forests await you in every season, with a world always renewed. Here are mild elevations and everyone can choose a level of effort that suits him, the mere stroll to the long trek through the mountain range. Or simply relax on a bank along the path in front of the beautiful picture drawn by the mountains and the famous castle of Haut Koenigsbourg, a cup of tea at hand ...

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