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Ireland: musical atmosphere is what many people like in an Irish pub.

IRELAND HAS SUCCEEDED IN PRESERVING not only its culture and traditions, but also many memorials to the past. Unlike so many other nations which have been destroyed or seriously damaged by a succession of conquerors, it has made an outstanding effort to retain and preserve its heritage: monasteries, Medieval buildings, ancient villages and traditional arts and crafts can be seen and enjoyed as though they dated from yesterday.
Many buildings, bridges, and historic sites elsewhere in Europe have been irresponsibly destroyed in the name of progress and civilisation.
In Ireland, however, you will meet enthusiasts who have not only preserved their past, but dedicated themselves to restoring it to its former glory. Untouched by the industrial revolution, you can still visit ancient Viking and Norman townships, find relatives of famous writers prepared to share their family history with you, and call in at numerous heritage centres which open their doors to the public and take pleasure in explaining their Country’s past. Ireland has innumerable treasures to share from every period in its history, from the pre-Christian era to the present day.

Our school syllabuses try to give the young a taste of how our ancestors lived, and draw their attention to the landmarks which have marked our progress towards modern civilisation. In Ireland, one is made to feel part of history, and expert guides and curators are frequently on hand to help visitors relive it in a lively, interactive way.
What more could we ask?


Our website will introduce you to a number of sites in Ireland where English, history and geography teachers, in the company of their pupils, can take a journey back through time.

Admittedly, exploring the paths we point out to you may sometimes require a little more effort than simply following the beaten track and the usual list of "inevitable" tourist attractions. But he who dares, wins!
Organising an educational school trip to a foreign country requires effort. A good deal of time must be spent on administrative tasks and it therefore needs to be prepared well in advance. Most English teachers travel privately to Ireland or the United Kingdom several times a year. So why not take advantage of this to visit some of the sites, tourist routes, or possible accommodation, in advance ? Your eventual trip can
only benefit from such preparation and you will avoid possible disappointment and unnecessary risks.

Ireland offers a wide choice of group accommodation: youth hostels, university residences, hotels which welcome groups, etc. In general, you will be able to find value-for-money group accommodation throughout the Country. To reserve beds in a youth hostel, contact the hostel of your choice directly, or the Irish Youth Hostel Association. The youth hostel federation in your own country should also be able to help. There are also many independent specialists.
Contact the Regional Tourist Boards for their listings.

For school trips, an excellent way to save both time and money is to take a packed lunch along with you on your expeditions. Most tourist attractions have an indoor or outdoor lunch area, specially designed to meet the needs of groups. In most cases, youth hostels will prepare packed lunches at reasonable prices. Well known restaurant chains operate in the towns and larger villages, and usually offer a lunch menu, as do local establishments. Full, or half-board is usually available, and youth hostel meals are economically priced. You should not, of course, forget to taste local specialities.

Irish Universities and colleges offer accommodation in their halls of residence during the vacations; 2-3 weeks at Easter, June to August, and at Christmas. Some may be able to help all year-round. They offer a choice of group or single rooms, are of good quality, and suitable for large or small groups of all ages. Classroom and sports facilities are sometimes available.
Contact them individually to discuss your needs.

For nature lovers who enjoy sleeping under canvas.

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