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The Sarreguemines Faience Trail invites the visitor to learn all about one of the most highly appreciated faience productions in the world. The sites can be reached by all types of vehicles but walking (about 3 km) is still the best way to explore it...
From the Moulin de la Blies, the very new Museum of Faience Techniques, a path runs along the banks of the Blies and the Sarre. This walk retraces two centuries of savoir-faire and talent...
Special guided tours fitting to the school curriculum are proposed for students and pupils.


The Museum of Sarreguemines has gradually acquired an impressive collection of machines and tools used in the ceramic industry.  
Production workshops have been reconstituted almost completely.  The Faience Trail is unique in France and in Europe not only because of its theme but also because of its original setting and scope.

The Moulin de la Blies, Museum of faience Techniques.
Opened for the first time on 24 October 1998, it is unique in France and even in Europe. Visitors will discover how faience is made, from the preparation of the raw material to the last firing.
Inside the mill, the first floor is devoted to the techniques for preparing the paste and shaping the object, while the second floor shows the different methods for decorating faience through an exhibition of workbenches, a design unit and a laboratory. None of the machines in the Museum function for reasons of safety but also because it would be necessary to keep the paste in a liquid state all the time...
The human aspect has been incorporated into the Museum in the form of quotations and oral reminiscences. Visitors should not be surprised to hear voices: at each stand, a worker describes his work and daily life at the factory...
Paul de Geiger's Wintergarden: A jewel of the Historical Museum,
it is located in the town centre, in the former home of Paul de Geiger which also contains the faience collections belonging to the town.
Between 1880 and 1882, Paul de Geiger built, as an extension to his residence, a winter garden in a typically "Art nouveau" style. It is covered completely with faience tiles and has a monumental fountain in the middle.
Numerous pieces of 19th and 20th century faience, from flowerpot-holders to monumental fireplaces, are displayed side by side. Two big panels depicting the allegories of earth and fire give a magic touch to the place... 
Other major steps on the Faience Trail:
  • The Earthenware Kiln.
    It is a unique example of a series of about thirty similar kilns and the sole survivor of its kind in continental Europe. 
  • The Casino.
    The Casino standing on the right bank of the Sarre, in the heart of Sarreguemines, has nothing to do with gambling. 
    Its founder intended it to be a cultural centre and meeting place. And it continues to play this role today.
  • The workers settlements.
    They go back to 1869 and 1926 and are a reflection of the social housing policy of the Sarreguemines faience manufacturers.

Educational visits

The Museum has an education team to take charge of the pupils.
Special guided tours (in French or in German) for pupils and students are conducted on the following topics:
  • The Decorative Arts seen through the production of Sarreguemines.
  • Daily life in rich families during the XIXth century.
  • The industrial revolution from the example of the Sarreguemines manufacturers.
  • Daily worker's life in Sarreguemines at the end of the XIXth century.

Organising your trip

Sarreguemines Museum,
rue Poincaré, F-57200 SARREGUEMINES
Tel.: +33 3 87 98 93 50
Fax: +33 3 87 98 37 28

Daily except Tuesday*:
10.00 - 12.00 and 14.00 - 18.00
* Groups can visit every day, including Tuesday (prior notice required).
No guided tours for schools on Saturday and Sunday.

Length of visit: 2-4 hours, depending on the selected programme.
Last ticket: 2h before closing
Recommended age group: all
Parking: free for coaches

Eating and Sleeping

Contact the Tourist Office (address below)

Useful addresses

Sarreguemines Tourist Office
Rue du Maire Massing,
Tel.: +33 3 87 98 80 81
Fax: +33 3 87 98 25 77


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