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  Grevin Museum in Paris

The Grevin Museum is a temple devoted to the glory of history and all that is strange, spectacular and sensational, in a setting dominated by gold and marble.

It moved into one of the famous Grand Boulevards of Paris over a hundred years ago, and ever since it has immortalized leading personalities of the world and key scenes from history. This outing is unusual, picturesque, amusing and full of surprises.


The Paris of the Grand Boulevards has been home for over a century to a world famous museum which is quite different from any others. The scenes at the Grevin Museum, with their sound and animation effects, are strikingly realistic.

A brief history
The journalist, Arthur Meyer, was at the origin of the Grevin Museum. In 1881, he asked Alfred Grévin, a draughtsman and caricaturist, to produce figures of celebrities. His idea was to show his contemporaries the personalities, in three dimensions, who made the news. At a time when there were no filmed or photographic reports, the "plastic newspaper" presented by Meyer and Grévin made a great impact. The press was lavish in its praise for, as the Moniteur Universel wrote, "the likeness is perfect, extraordinary".

"To be famous, you have to be in it"
Famous all over the world since 1882, the Grévin Museum of the Grand Boulevards honours new celebrities every year. Thanks to its 450 wax figures set against a magnificicent decor, visitors can relive the glorious hours of French history and meet the superstars of the cinema. They can also watch conjuring and mime acts in the museum's well-known theatre, or admire the enchanting son-et-lumière show at the Palais des Mirages, a never-ending source of surprises since the Universal Exhibition of 1900.

The original and sumptuous decor of the Grévin Museum is still the same as the one designed in 1882 by the architect Eugène Emile Esnault-Pelterie. The subtle combination of Louis XIV and Venetian rococo styles harmonizes perfectly with the rosewood and marble, transforming the hall of columns and the cupola into a spectacular sight. The great marble staircase designed by the architect Rives is another gem of interior architecture.>

The 450 figures of the Museum are arranged in about fifty scenes to bring to life the highlights of French history. Below are three examples :

  • Meeting at the Golden Flag Camp in 1520
    The war continues in Italy and François I is anxious to win an ally against Charles the Fifth. The King of France has therefore organized a lavish encounter near Calais with Henry VIII, King of England.
  • Assassination of Marat
    On 13 July 1793, Charlotte Corday is so infuriated by the excesses of the Terror that she stabs the hero of the Sans-Culottes in his bath-tub. The bath-tub on display is an authentic witness to the drama.
  • Inauguration of the Suez Canal
    It is 1869, and Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French engineer who constructed the canal linking the Red Sea with the Mediterranean, pays his respects to Empress Eugenie while the ship "L'Aigle" starts its maiden voyage.

Preparing this educational outing

An educational kit is currently being prepared and will soon be available. In the meantime, pupils can learn all about the famous figures exhibited in the Museum thanks to a small guide which will be given to them on entering this magic place.

The Grévin Museum also offers many combined visits with other attractions, such as France Miniature, the Musée des Arts Forains (Fairground Museum) or the EclaTheatre. For information on these different possibilities, please contact the Grevin Museum directly by mail or at the telephone number below.

Preparing for your visit

Information given hereafter is subject to change.

Musée Grévin
10 Bd Montmartre, F-75009 PARIS
Underground: Grands Boulevards
Tel. : +33 1 47 70 85 05
Fax : +33 1 42 46 12 65

Length of visit:
1h30 with the Magic show and the "Palais des Mirages"
Last ticket: 17.30 in winter, 18.00 in summer
Recommanded age group: all ages
Supervision ratio: n.a.
Parking: Rue Taitbout, F-75009 PARIS

Useful addresses

Paris Convention and Visitors
25 rue des Pyramides
75001 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)8 92 68 30 00
(0,34 €/min)

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