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The Grand Rex, the biggest cinema in Europe with a seating capacity of 2,750, has projected films for more than one million spectators for over half a century. This is why it created "The Stars of the Grand Rex" an unusual tour behind the scenes of the cinema. The Grand Rex has an Art Deco facade, a starry vault and a Baroque decor which makes it a unique and exceptional cinema.


The Grand Rex, the Parisian temple to the seventh art, invites you to discover the "Stars of the Rex". This lively, interactive 50-minute show, the only one of its kind in Europe, places the wings, the legends and the stars of the most famous cinema in Europe in the spotlight. Special effects, shootings, sound effects and reconstituted settings are some of the technical means used to project the visitor into the magic world of films.

The reason for "Les Etoiles du Rex"
Film goers have always longed to visit the wings of the Rex to discover a cinema so different from others, and to cross over to the other side of the screen to explore the areas which until recently were the exclusive territory of the professionals. Instead of laying out an itinerary which would have led visitors from the basement to the loft with the sole aim of visiting a building, the Rex preferred to show it as it really is : full of life because of its passion for films.
Right from the start, the idea of Philippe Hellmann, owner and manager of the Rex, was to combine the magic of a place with the mysteries of the seventh art. Owing to certain architectural constraints, the designers were obliged to lay out a route without following any particular chronology. The visitor is enticed into an interactive journey where they can push open doors, each revealing a special world.


  • A different kind of exhibition
    Embarking on this imaginary voyage, visitors are whisked off to a magic world where they will plunge straight into the legend of the cinema. In 35 mins, they will discover, among other things, the projection booth (an exact replica of the one at the Rex), learn all about the secrets of special effects, meet a star straight out of a cartoon, and for a few exciting moments become the actors of an exciting adventure film.

  • During your tour behind the scenes of the biggest cinema in Europe, you will discover :
    • The entrance : from here you will immediately plunge into heart of the cinema, on your way to exploring the techniques which make its wheels turn.
    • The preamble : before taking a lift to fly up to the stars, there will be a stopover at the hub of this monumental cinema : the last floor of the Rex tower.
    • The panoramic lift : during a breathtaking ascent up the stage well and behind the gigantic screen of the Grand Rex, you will see the wings of the film theatre (stage, equipment, etc) from the transparent lift.
    • The manager's office : this is the heart of the Rex's history, surrounded by trophies, Oscars and other awards.
    • The projection booth : an opportunity to understand the subtleties of an unfamiliar job and to discover the raw material of the cinema: the reel of film. The magic of the cinema is renewed with every click and hum of the projector.
    • The tunnel of stars : a conversation, heard for the first time, between the giants of the cinema, in a timeless space.
    • The special effects room : the French film pioneer, Georges Méliès, would certainly have adopted this lair where, it must be admitted King Kong is not as scary as he is made out to be.
    • Shooting in progress! : landing on a shooting stage, your pupils will be hired on the spot.
    • The sound effects studio : an active participation in producing sound effects, in the footsteps of King Kong.
    • The theatre : comfortably installed in your seat, you can finally relax as a spectator.

Educational visits

A comprehensive educational kit (with annexes), as well as a free preparatory visit, is available for teachers.

To prepare and make the most of your visit, "Les Etoiles du Rex" proposes an investigation of the following topics (they are also included in your educational kit) :

  • the different production phases of a film and the various competences required for each phase (for example : preparations for a film : director, scriptwriter, set designer...);
  • two symbolic characters, the vampire and the gorilla (King Kong), leading to a deeper study. An examination of other characters such as the secretary or the producer, directly connected to the cinema industry, could complete this work.

"Les Etoiles du Rex" can also arrange to show films to back the visit (films screened from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).
These films are optional and are intended to complement the visit with technical information suitable for children of 9 years and over. Schools are at liberty to choose a film screening since the rate of FRF.25 per child includes this option whether it is used or not.

Preparing for your visit

Grand Rex - Les Etoiles du Rex
1 Bd Poissonnière, F-75002 PARIS
Underground: Bonne Nouvelle (lines 8 and 9)
Tel.: +33 1 45 08 93 58/40
Fax: +33 1 42 21 11 93

Length of visit: about 1h - Visits every 5 mn.
Last ticket: n.a.
Recommanded age group: all
Supervision ratio: n.a.
Catering Facilities: n.a.
Parking: coaches:
Rue du 4 septembre, F-75002 PARIS
Rue Taitbout, F-75009 PARIS + Bourse parking.
Free, long-stay parking

Useful addresses

Paris Convention and Visitors
25 rue des Pyramides
F - 75001 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)8 92 68 30 00

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