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Eurostar arrival in Paris at Gare du Nord station

A Eurostar train waiting for departure at Paris Gare du Nord station

Arrival in Paris with the Eurostar from London.
The Eurostar calls at Gare du Nord station in Paris.

The Gare du Nord is the train station and terminal for Eurostar trains on the line London - Paris and Brussels - Paris. The station is easily accessible by all means of transportation. If continuing with the metro or RER (regional train network in the Paris and Ile de France area), you will have a connecting opportunity in the main hall. Travellers leaving or arriving by taxi are filed just before the Eurostar check-in area. Of course it is possible to catch a bus.

If you need to reach a distant suburb of Paris or even another region, it may be interesting to rent a car at the Gare du Nord station. Make sure you rent your car over the internet before you start your trip. Fares are a lot cheaper that way.

If you are outbound from Paris, and in case you purchased your ticket via the internet, you can withdraw it at any of the automatic kiosks at your disposal in the lobby. If your destination is London you will take a Eurostar train. Climb on the first floor for check-in. Make sure your bags are properly labelled, like when you fly. Indeed, the check-in is very similar to an airport check-in. You will have to pass through the detector gates and be searched by security staff. Safety aboard the Eurostar is a serious matter!

Once the check-in is made and ounce you passed security checks you arrive at the boarding lounge. Shops are at your disposal until the train leaves.

Rmk: if your destination is Brussels, Amsterdam or Cologne, you will take a Thalys train starting from the main hall. The procedure is more simple and straitforward (no Channel Tunnel crossing).

Important: If your train is a Eurostar train, plan to arrive at the station at least half an hour before the train leaves.

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