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Showing practical solutions to environmental problems to carry us into the twenty-first century

What do we do?

We offer solutions to some of the most serious challenges facing our planet and the human race, such as climate change, pollution and the waste of precious resources.

We demonstrate practical ways of addressing these problems. Leading by example, we aim to show that living more sustainably is not only easy to attain but can provide a better quality of life.

Averting a massive environmental disaster is not out of our reach, although if we continue to treat the early signs with apathy, it soon will be.

We address every aspect of the average lifestyle - the key areas we work in are renewable energy, environmental building, energy efficiency, organic growing and alternative sewage systems.

We promote our ideas in a variety of ways:

Our Visitor Centre is open seven days a week. Interactive displays show global issues such as energy generation and transport, and practical, everyday solutions for everyone.

CAT also runs a free information service, answering enquiries on a massive range of topics by phone, letter or email, five days a week. For bigger projects, there is also a consultancy service.

CAT is a great place to learn new things, for all ages. We run a range of residential courses - from weekends to a yearlong MSc. Our dedicated Education Department arranges school trips to CAT, which can be tied in with the National Curriculum.

We publish books on various 'green' topics, and sell eco-books and products through a shop and mail order service.

The Media Department is available for all kinds of press enquiries.

There is a small community living at our Centre, experimenting with different ways of living, putting cooperative and environmental ideas into action. We take the same approach with our work, looking at the environmental impact of everything we do from start to finish.

We hope that through our positive example and promotion of effective solutions, people will be inspired to lessen their impact on the world in the same ways we have for more than 30 years.

To do all this and more, we rely on people's support, both financial and practical. There are many benefits to becoming a CAT member, including a quarterly magazine, which features news from the Centre and the wider world of sustainability. Our fundraising team receives donations from members of the public and businesses.

Volunteers have always played a very important role at CAT. If you would like to support us in this way, there are many different placements, from one week to six months.

To find out more about what we do, why not visit the Centre for Alternative Tehnology, and change your life for the better?

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