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Dover to Boulogne by Speedferries

Speed One, high speed ferry operating on route Dover - Boulogne. Photo Speedferries

The sea route from Dover to Boulogne is operated by Speedferries, a company operating low cost but high speed ferries. 3 to 5 crossings are operated with high speed catamaran ferries in each direction, depending on the season. There are no lorries, only cars. Each journey is just 50 minutes. Very interesting rates: SpeedFerries offers low cost tickets from £20 one-way on the all year Dover-Boulogne fast ferry service between Britain and France.
Booking is made online on the website of Speedferries.

A journey with the high speed ferry, from Dover to Boulogne sur Mer.

Make sure to allow enough time for check-in. You will need a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes depending on the type of ticket you have booked. Do not rely on delays and late arrivals or departures. Most of the time the ferry is exactly on schedule and embarking as well as disembarking operations are done within minutes only (there are no lorries on the ship, only cars).

Speedferries is an award winning company existing since 2004.

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