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Alsace history and wine region


The medieval city of Riquewihr with its famous vineyards and Vosges mountains in the background are an all year round destination

"Alsace is in eastern France on the Rhine River border with Germany. It is unquestionably spectacularly beautiful. A very special combination of history, culture, scenery, and especially food and wine makes it one of the most delightful places to visit in all of Europe." - John Egan

Alsace might be the smallest of the French regions, it is certainly coming up with the highest density of places to visit and experiences for the visitor.
Top banner picture: the famous medieval castle of Haut Koenigsbourg.

Rent and stay in a romantic holiday apartment in the ramparts of the medieval city of Riquewihr in the heart of Alsace!

Situated on the far east side of france, between the Vosges mountains and the river Rhine.

All year long, traditional Alsatian festivals and events will bring colorful experiences for the visitor. For example Christmas in Alsace with its traditions and fairytale atmosphere is a real must! Alsace is a land of art and culture with local arts being extremely diverse. Many buildings are from the Renaissance and classical periods. The military architecture has given to Alsace countless architectural treasures. Alsace has Europe's highest concentration of medieval castles (Alsace has more than 400 ruined castles), most of them proudly sat on hills or mountains. The most famous one is the Haut Koenigsbourg castle which is one of France's most frequently visited monuments.
Alsace also counts more than 250 museums and collections, ranging from prehistory through to contemporary art. The famous Unterlinden museum in Colmar features the famous Issenheim altarpiece. In Mulhouse, classic car enthusiasts will enjoy the world's largest motor museum: the famous Schlumpf collection.

Alsace is also a fantastic place for gourmets and wine lovers.

One of the most well-known traditional dish is sauerkraut (choucroute). Baeckeoffe (vegetable and meat stew) is another one traditionally eaten on Sundays. Fried fish (carp) belongs to the local specialities, especially in the Southern areas. The Christmas cakes offer countless shapes and flavours. After a long walk hickers will love a tasty marcaire meal at a farm inn without forgetting the Munster cheese, bilberry pie or apple pie. Several gastronomic trails invite you to discover this rich culinary heritage. Christmas and other celebrations during the year bring opportunities to taste some of the local delicacies: tasting foie gras (duck or goose) and bredele, spices and "vin chaud" (mulled wine) are unforgettable moments for any gourmet.

All that delicious dishes have to be enjoyed together with a pot or bottle of Alsatian wine. The Alsatian vineyards produce flowerish wines, white mostly but some very nice pinot noir red wines. The easiest way to discover them is to take the Alsatian Wine Route and stop by the many local winemakers.